Go Green Distribution was established to become the first choice for those who are looking for an experienced and ecologically aware Partner.

We identify with our work and the products that we represent. We operate in Poland. We are ready to support with our knowledge and experience those producers and their brands whose products fit into the idea of ​​"go green", that is - wherever possible choose what’s best for our planet.



"Care for the future. Take care of tomorrow, our common future."

We believe with all of ourselves that we have an impact on what our children's and grandchildren's lives will look like. However, success requires the commitment of each of us and making the best choices for our environment.

In different countries, the range of products that allow us to minimize our impact on the environment is different. As business practitioners, we are ready to build our Partners' brands reliably and professionally. In our choices, we follow the iron rule to promote only products that we believe in and which we want to be lawyers and ambassadors for. Our offer consists of products that enable realization of the idea of ​​sustainable development and fulfill the mission: care for the future. In turn, we offer consumers in Poland unique products that allow them to “go green".



Household appliances, cosmetics, everyday use products.

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