The founders of Tapp Water had one goal: how to reduce the amount of plastic that we generate every day by drinking bottled water.


In different countries, the quality of water supplied by waterworks varies, and although it is generally safe for our health, its taste and frequent pollution do not prompt it to drink directly from the tap.

Here are the filters for water purification from Tapp Water. Easy, independent tap installation, high quality and excellent taste of purified water, while maintaining the elements necessary for life and health. If we additionally add the fact that the replaceable cartridges are biodegradable, they last for 3 months of use, and the cost of buying the filter is refunded after a maximum of 6 weeks with very moderate use *, there can be only one decision.


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* Assumption: daily consumption of a two-person household is not less than 2 bottles of water at the purchase price of PLN 2 / bottle, calculated in relation to the purchase price of the Tapp1 filter.

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