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We believe with all of ourselves that we have an impact on what our children's and grandchildren's lives will look like. However, success requires the commitment of each of us and making the best choices for our environment.

Go Green Distribution was established to become the first choice for those who are looking for an experienced and ecologically aware Partner.

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The founders of Tapp Water had one goal: how to reduce the amount of plastic that we generate every day by drinking bottled water. Here are the filters for water purification from Tapp Water.

Easy, independent tap installation, high quality and excellent taste of purified water, while maintaining the elements necessary for life and health.

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We invite you to contact us by phone, email or the contact form.

Go Green Distribution S.C.

ul. Ks. J. I. Skorupki 12
05-120 Legionowo

+48 22 230 21 71


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